Who Wears The Crown Game Design

Packaging & Game Design

Who Wears the Crown is a social-collusion, negotiation game of court politics and shifting alliances created by Blue Heron Entertainment. Its packaging and design takes inspiration from its historical references, but is modern and eye-catching, perfect for catching the attention in a game shop.


Blue Heron Entertainment is a gaming company that develops games to bring people together. With a new idea for a game, they approached me to help with packaging and game design, including illustration of eight visually distinct house symbols. Though their past games have been well-received, they’ve received negative feedback on their visual design and its impact on gameplay.


Fun and modern packaging and game materials intended to excite players. Bright jewel tones and subtle gradients catch the eye of potential players in gaming stores. Elements and symbols are inspired by the historical and geographical elements on which they are based, but are modernized in a vector illustration style.


Blue Heron Entertainment

My Role

Packaging design, print production, illustration, layout