Fremont Oktoberfest Ad Campaign

Branding / Advertising

A beer festival held in the self-proclaimed “Center of the Universe” needs an advertising campaign that is just as extraordinary.


Fremont Oktoberfest’s current branding looks like your typical beerfest. It doesn’t capture the fun energy of the event and is missing the opportunity to connect with the neighborhood it takes place in.


I designed a brand that captures the fun spirit of the beer festival while tapping into the quirkiness of Fremont; resulting in a memorable experience that sticks out from the competition.


Fremont Oktoberfest (concept)

My Role

Research, concept, copywriting, branding, advertising, visual design

The Center of the Brew-Universe

Inspired by the quirkiness of Fremont and their self-proclaimed status as being at the “Center of the Universe,” as well as the other space artwork around the downtown area, I came up with the idea that Fremont is the center of the “brew-universe.” This was the main concept behind my design.

The headlines I created for the campaign include:

  • Center of the Brew-Universe
  • Beers Are Coming
  • Invasion of the Beers

Style Guide


I wanted the logo to be unique and quirky, so I combined a hand-drawn type with a mock paper cut-out typeface, giving it personality as well as making it more memorable than the typical German typeface.


I wanted the billboard ads to be placed in areas that would be seen by the prospective audience, so I chose the locations to be two heavily trafficked areas – one on the other side of the Fremont Bridge, and the other in the downtown Fremont area. The stars on the billboards twinkle at night.

Instagram Ads

Web Banners

For the banner ads, I wanted to create something that was eye-catching, fun and engaging. Using the headline “Invasion of the Beers” as the theme I created a game similar to the game Space Invaders, replacing aliens with beers. Winning the game results in earning a discount on your ticket to Fremont Oktoberfest.

Newspaper Ad


The poster is a play on the Star Wars opening credits, using the names of all of the participating breweries as the text.

Guerilla Marketing

For the guerrilla marketing campaign, beers would be placed around the downtown Fremont area at the most famous landmarks to push the idea that Fremont is the Center of the Brew-Universe.

By placing them in these heavily trafficked areas, it would be sure to catch the eye of potential festival-goers and would help draw attention to the event. The locations chosen include: the Center of the Universe sign, located at the intersection of the three main roads leading into Fremont right at the beginning of the downtown area. The Lenin Statue also would be a location, as well as at three already existing space-themed art installations.