UX, UI, Branding & Marketing Design

StratusCore is a cloud provider of cutting edge content creation solutions with an ever-expanding portfolio of offerings. As the lead designer, I oversee all visual and UX design from ideation and requirements gathering to design and implementation. I work closely with the CEO and other department heads to set goals and establish our company's roadmap, and help to manage projects through to their timely release. Below is a selection of projects I've worked on.


In-house at StratusCore


2 years

My Role

Research, UX/UI design, marketing design

Marketing and Promotions

I create all assets for print and digital marketing including email and social media promotion, print ads and event materials.

Business Cards

Promotional Materials

Digital Marketing Campaigns

I work with the Marketing lead to plan and execute marketing campaigns including the concepting and creation of messaging and accompanying imagery for use on CRMs, social media posts, website promotion and external advertising.

The most recent campaign was the cross-promotion our software trials with our software partners. This included promotion on both StratusCore’s and our partner’s websites and social media platforms and resulted in a 16% increase in site visits with a 66% increase in conversion rates.

Product / UI

Buyer’s Journey

StratusCore needed a way to sell its content creation services to users. Since their products and services are innovative and unique, I had the challenge of presenting the offerings in a way that is easy to understand and that adequately expresses their value to users.

I created an easy-to-use experience that guides users through to purchase with confidence using established design patterns and a wizard-type interface to simplify StratusCore’s multifaceted and complex pricing model.

Software Marketplace

When StratusCore added rent-by-the hour software, we needed a marketplace to sell it. I created a marketplace experience that is intuitive — a similar experience to other known app stores that promotes browsing and discovery. The marketplace fits cohesively into the overall store ecosystem and the design is highly scalable and ready to take on the influx of software that is soon to be added. Users can keep track of their time remaining via the Workstation management page and easily add more when they need it.

Find an Artist

Find an Artist is search tool that allows employers to search for the talent they need and allows artists to get discovered on our Platform. Using information from the user’s profile as well as usage data from our Virtual Workstation and rendering services, employers can find specifically what they are looking for and reach out directly to the artists.

User Account Management

The User Profile/Account management needed to be more robust to make sure users were able to partake in all of our services. Account/Profiles Management now includes payment settings and methods, the ability to opt in or out of our pay-as-you-go rendering service; and privacy settings that allow users to opt in or out of our Find an Artist service.

Customer-facing website responsive design

I spearheaded the effort to make the website outside of the wall (before log-in) fully responsive. I designed and implemented the responsive design so that our website and value propositions can be viewed and consumed from any device.